We build capability within your business to increase productivity and enhance team dynamics.

Does your team know if the organisation is winning or losing at ANY given point?

Our Approach


The core program is made up of three modules. Drive to Succeed, The Winning Team and Accelerate Productivity. These are designed as separate modules to provide specific outcomes based on your individual needs.

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Drive to Suceed

DRIVE to Succeed is an easy to follow five step (Destination; Route; Individual Alignment; Vehicle Checks; Evaluate) module designed to create absolute clarity and focus on business goals, strategy, tactics and individual alignment.

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The Winning Team

This module is designed to bring out the best in leaders and teams through leadership development & coaching, increasing team effectiveness. It is particularly important for you as the leader as it will give you practical tips on inspiring trust, providing candid feedback and getting the most out of team meetings.

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Accelerate Productivity

Accelerate Productivity gives you the absolute edge to increase bottom line results and gross margins. Delivered in the most simplistic way for you to get the most from Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma concepts, without the need for a degree in statistics or process management.

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Here's what others say

Victor Munoz

Ishan has a demonstrated a great expertise on Operational Excellence Programs, leading work systems implementation and improvement. Besides the technical skills, his leadership drive and people oriented soft skills balance the change process required to produce great results through people.

Victor Munoz
Supply Chain Capability Manager – Kellogg Latin America

Kevin Whelan

In 2012 CCI invited Ishan to present at our ASPAC TRACC Conference in Beijing, China. At the time he was a leading the Kellogg’s WCO programme in Australia, a global initiative launched by the US cereals giant to implement and systematize world class operations. As a speaker, Ishan impressed with his engaging style and his unbridled passion for building strong systems to accelerate world class competitiveness. Our conference was certainly enhanced by his informative and dynamic presentation, drawing upon his considerable expertise and experience in the field of Lean and Operational Excellence.

Kevin Whelan
Executive Vice President – Europe & Latin America, Competitive Capabilities International (CCI)

Dave Clare

Under Ishan’s leadership, I worked on the initial development of Kellogg’s Continuous Improvement Center of Excellence (COE) work system. Ishan led this global, diverse, cross-functional team creating direction and driving alignment in completing this work. Moreover, Ishan was able to anticipate and manage risks encountered during implementation. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Ishan again, “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Dave Clare
Continuous Improvement Manager – Kellogg North America

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